Our Services

Medigance provides full package health trip for patients

Medical Providers

With Medigance, patients are able to choose hospitals, clinics, doctors in any location. We have the biggest health network in Turkey. 
Our medical advisors and doctors check all enquiries one by one and direct the patient to the right destination.

Translation & Interpreter Services

With Medigance, patients can have a translator who is also a tourist guide. You don’t need to worry about language or going to places by yourself. You’ll be accompanied to all consultations and the exams will be translated to your language.


As Medigance is also a Travel Agency, we can get you the accomodation that suits you best. It can be from a five stars resort hotel to a private apartment. We provide health assistance wherever you’re staying.

Local Transfer

A reliable English speaker driver will pick you up from the airport, take you to all consultations and wherever else you need to go. In the end of your stay, he’s responsible for taking you to the airport.


We provide travel insurance for all of our guests. If you already have a private insurance, we can try to adequate it to your treatment in Turkey.


Medigance has professional guides that can plan a trip according to your taste. It can be a walk by a park, a boat ride or a visit to a famous museum. Having your guide as a companion, you can try local food, enjoy short trips to the most visited sites in Turkey. You relax and we do the rest!
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