Hair Transplantation is the action of transplanting the hair follicles taken from the back area of the head where hair is dense, to the parts of the head where hair is scarce with an appropriate operation.
  • A Quality Hospitals

    A Quality Hospitals

    Medigance provides A quality hospitals for all hair transplant treatments in all locations.
  • VIP Treatment

    VIP Treatment

    We give 5 star hotels stay and VIP transportation to our patients. Your comfort is our responsibility.
  • Let Your Hair Do the Talking

    Let Your Hair Do the Talking

    Our Hair Transplant teams have minimum 15 years in surgery room. More than 300 patients every month, our patients are our references in whole world.
  • Team Work

    Team Work

    Hair Transplant is a team work. For each patient, we finish all steps in 3 days and send you back home.
  • Planning


    For every patient, our doctors make planning with them. Planning is so important to reach best results.
  • Documentation & Medication

    Documentation & Medication

    All patients get information brochures in their own languages. We give needed medication to patients.

How Do We Go Our Hair Transplant Process

Fill The Form

Fill The Form & Online Application

Online Consultation

Online Consultation


Planning & Travel


Consultation & Pre-Op Tests


Surgery & Check-up

Follow up

Follow up & Medications

Methods & Medical Information


FUE is a method of obtaining donor hair for transplantation. Follicular units are taken individually from the donor area on the scalp without the need for a linear incision. Instead, a blunt-tipped punch tool is used to extract the individual follicles from the scalp. This differs from FUT where a donor strip of skin is taken and the follicular units are microscopically dissected from that strip.


As skin cannot be broken without leaving a scar, however small, FUE can result in stippling and scarring on the scalp.

  • Wonderful Results

    Wonderful Results

    “I am so pleased that I took this step and did something about losing my hair. It has been just a year since I had the surgery and I can’t believe the improvement and the wonderful results! Even my hairdresser told me that my hair is so fuller now he forgot I even had a problem. ”

    Thiago (Glascow)
  • Confident in Yourself

    Confident in Yourself

    “I have to tell you I’m very, very happy with how it went. It’s been fantastic. I do feel younger; the pictures you see show that there has been an improvement. You feel more comfortable and confident in yourself.”

    Luiz (Dublin)
  • The Most Exciting Decision

    The Most Exciting Decision

    “This is basically the best and probably the most exciting decision I have ever made in my life. It’s has completely changed it. I’d really, it’d recommend this to anyone who can go forward with it and get it done and do it. It will completely change your life. It really will.”

    Louis (Zurich)
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